About Us

The Farm House

The large thatched farmhouse was initially built by a Breebaard family, and converted into a reception facility. Diamantvallei was bought in 2001 by Hendrik and Alida Verwoerd and their son-in-law and daughter Vaughn and Marle Stoman (the current owners). The Stomans with their five children live in England where Vaughn is a veterinarian, while Hendrik and Alida hosted weddings and various other functions and operated the guest house until their move to Orania in 2019.

The land is permanently inhabited by four families with twenty-three children who are homeschooled and it also houses the offices of a few businesses.

Battle of Donkerhoek

Diamantvallei Landgoed is located on a portion of the land where the Battle of Donkerhoek took place in 1900 during the Second War of Independence. Here the Boers had the Khakis recite a lesson with a meager 6 000 men, 22 cannons and one Longtom, against 14 000 soldiers and 66 field cannons and 6 heavy cannons. There are still walls of ramparts to be seen on the farm. Learn more HERE.


Diamantvallei is also home to the annual KragDag, self sustainability expo where in 2019 440 businesses were exhibited and it went through 21 400 exhibitors attended.

Various community activities such as courses that include how to install your own solar power, beekeeping, aquaponics, electronics, photography, programming and character-forming and knowledge-enriching talks for children are also offered.

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